Reviewing The 2024 Acura Integra Type S

June 22nd, 2023 by

All About The 2024 Acura Integra Type S

Buying a car can be quite challenging, especially in the current times. You can read reviews, check out impressions, and go through spec sheets to narrow down your options to a few cars that are worth checking out in person. However, spec sheets can be deceiving.

You can spend hours poring over dyno charts and legroom dimensions, but they won’t give you a true sense of what it’s like to drive the car. Take, for instance, the new Acura Integra Type S. On paper, it seems like an upgraded Civic Type R, but once you hit the road, you’ll realize that it might just be the perfect car for you.

What’s New About The 2024 Acura Integra Type S?

The Type S has undergone a significant change in its drivetrain, but that’s not all there is to it. Its suspension is automatically adjustable, similar to the standard Integra, but it’s much stiffer than any of the car’s modes. Even when set to Comfort, the Type S makes it clear that you’ve invested in the performance version.

The upgraded brakes feature big Brembo callipers that press four pistons onto rotors the size of a Miata wheel. They are hidden behind 19-inch lightweight wheels that fill widened and flared fenders. The car is 2.8 inches wider than the base model, which enables Acura to broaden the track by 3.5 inches up front and 1.9 inches at the back, resulting in an extra grip that you can genuinely experience while driving.

How Does It Drive?

The way this 3,200-pound, 320-horsepower vehicle feels is simply unbelievable. While driving through a winding canyon road, the Type S is like a mischievous voice in your ear, urging you to push harder, brake later, and take corners faster. Remarkably, no matter how aggressive your driving becomes, the Integra remains steady and unfazed. Even if you enter a corner too fast, brake too hard, or turn the wheel too sharply, the car remains composed.
In fact, if you’re lucky, the car may even forget that it’s front-wheel drive and kick its tail out like a BRZ. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds to enter corners too hot. Nevertheless, the Brembo brakes are truly exceptional, even if they are not quite as impressive as those found on a car like the Focus RS. But, given that the Integra is unlikely to see much track time, such a high-end braking system would be overkill.
The Integra Type S boasts a higher horsepower than the M235i Gran Coupe, more torque than the Audi S3, and a lighter weight than the Golf R, there is so much more to this car than just numbers on a page. No amount of data can capture the sensation of power being channelled through the Integra’s front wheels thanks to its limited-slip differential, nor can any numerical figure truly convey the thrill of the rear end kicking out during a tight turn.
The specs are certainly impressive, but the Integra Type S is a vehicle that transcends mere statistics and must be experienced firsthand to truly appreciate its unique qualities.

How Does It Look?

Wow, the standard Integra is already a good-looking five-door vehicle, but the Type S redesign really transforms the car’s appearance. The broad front intakes, the larger grille, and the muscular fenders all contribute to the Type S’ bold and almost savage look. You can easily distinguish it from the base model, and it’s definitely not your average family car. The Type S has a fierce and intimidating appearance.

The Integra’s interior has an elusive quality that’s hard to put into words. Despite having been in several of these cars, including reviewing one at the initial press launch and driving another for Pikes Peak, there’s always been a sense of rightness about it. Although the design is similar to the Civic, with some updated vents and better materials, it always manages to feel like home. The Type S seats, which come with extra bolstering for better cornering comfort, make the interior even more appealing. Overall, it’s a fantastic place to be that fits me perfectly.
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