Fuel Induction Service


What is the Fuel Induction System? The Fuel Induction System brings in air from the outside, mixes it with fuel, and delivers both the air and fuel to your engine in the correct mixture.

What problems occur in the Fuel Induction System? Carbon deposits can build up in the fuel induction system and restrict the airflow to the engine. Continued driving past the recommended service interval can lead to poor engine performance and higher fuel consumption.

How is this corrected? Your Acura Certified Technician will clean out the carbon deposits in the fuel induction system.

Is it time to schedule your Fuel Induction Service? If your Acura has been on the road for 60,000 kilometers, it’s time for your Fuel Induction Service. This service, performed by our Acura Certified Technicians, will restore engine performance, improved fuel efficiency, and reduce harmful emissions.