4 Reasons to Service Your Acura Car to an Acura Dealership

March 30th, 2022 by

Acura, Honda’s luxury car branch, is well known worldwide to produce reliable and high-performing vehicles. Pair this with the fact that their cars offer award-winning handling and superior quality, one cannot go wrong purchasing an Acura vehicle versus its competition. That being said, if you own an Acura car and need servicing, the best place you can take it to is to an Acura dealership. 

Of course, there’s always the option to take it to any service garage, but here are the reasons for sending your Acura car to an Acura dealership:

1. It Is Convenient

Servicing is generally a never fun activity to do, simply because not only are you going to have to shell out some cash to cover the service, but you’ll need to sit and do something while waiting for the job to be finished. Fortunately, the waiting game isn’t as boring in dealerships as it is with other service garages. This is because Acura dealerships kit out their waiting areas with amenities that’ll keep you busy until the job’s done. Whether you need to get some work down or simply be with the kids, being at the Acura dealership will undoubtedly make your life much more convenient.

2. It Provides Warranties

A big worry with independent garages is that if something were to go wrong during the service, there’s a chance that the cost might not be covered. This isn’t the case with Acura dealerships that offer a warranty on their servicing efforts. There, if something were to go wrong, Acura will do whatever it takes to honour their warranty and correct the problem. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your car will come out a much better shape than when you sent it in without any unnecessary costs.

3. It Promises Trained Technicians

General servicing garages offer expert technicians that can fix any car. However, when working with such specialized vehicles as Acura cars, Acura-trained technicians are what you want to be working with. This ensures that the care your car gets is under the hand of Acura-certified professionals that know the ins and outs of working with an Acura vehicle. At an Acura dealership, such Acura-trained technicians are found, allowing your car to get the thorough and quick service it needs to stay in tip-top shape.

4. It Gives Access to the Best Auto Parts

An excellent reason to go to dealerships to have your Acura car services is that they have access to high-quality Acura parts built just for your vehicle. These parts are also generally the ones that last much longer and perform better and will fit into your warranty. Not many general servicing garages can offer this because they rely on after-market parts that may or may not be as good as the original parts themselves, not to mention may not be covered by warranty.


If you want to enjoy a convenient experience that allows you to give your car the best care possible, send your Acura vehicle to an Acura dealership. Your vehicle will be in good hands being serviced by Acura-trained technicians that can quickly identify any problems you may have and fix them effectively and efficiently. All in all, the best services are offered by those who are knowledgeable about the cars they work with, and at an Acura dealership, offering Acura cars the best servicing possible is simply a given!

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