2017 Acura NSX

  • Starting MSRP* $189,900
  • Driver Assist Technology Corner and Backup Sensors
  • Approx. Top Speed 307 km/h
  • Maximum Total System Power 573 hp

The next generation supercar.

With tens of thousands of possible configurations, the Acura NSX is truly tailored to each driver.

Acura NSX Pictures & Photos

Every element of the exterior body design has been carefully fashioned to utilize airflow, helping to optimize both stability-enhancing downforce and vehicle systems cooling.

Human-Centred Interior
The apex achievement of Acura Pickering’s human-centred development philosophy, the Acura NSX is moulded around the driver. Its interior ‘Human Support Cockpit’ boasts exceptional driver control, forward visibility and unrivaled ergonomics.

All-New Sports Hybrid Power Unit
The Acura NSX empowers the driver with “zero delay” launch performance, at the heart of which is the all-new mid-mounted, DOHC V6 engine with twin turbochargers married to an Acura-developed 9-speed DCT. The rear direct-drive electric motor supports acceleration, braking, and transmission shifting performance, while front wheels are driven by twin independent high-output electric motors.

World’s-First Multi-Material Body 
In keeping with the legacy of the original Acura NSX – the world’s first all-aluminum supercar – the new Acura NSX features an innovative new multi-material body design that combines various advanced materials for an ultra rigid frame and significant weight reduction.

As part of the Acura NSX’s Advanced Sports Package, placement of key powertrain components is optimized to concentrate vehicle mass low and toward the centre. Dynamic performance is further enhanced by Sport Hybrid Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive (Sport Hybrid SH-AWD), all-aluminum front and rear suspension, and ultra-high performance carbon-ceramic brake disks.

The Acura NSX’s Integrated Dynamic System features Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track modes that adjust engine, motor, transmission and chassis response, as well as the engine sound level. Track mode unleashes the full spectrum of NSX’s performance capabilities. In addition, a “launch” function enables the ultimate in “zero delay” launch performance, aided by both the engine and three electric motors.

In order to build the new generation supercar, we first had to build a next generation facility. Hence the new Performance Manufacturing Center, where the Acura NSX is constructed entirely in-house through a blend of hands-on skill and world’s first technology. Approximately 100 experienced engineers and technicians bring precise levels of quality and craftsmanship to each and every NSX. We are happy to carry the new 2017 NSX at our facility in Pickering.

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